About Us

Tim Archer is the managing director of Nuflow Devonport and has been the face of product technology and development at Nuflow Technologies head office for many years.

Throughout this time he has travelled to every corner of Australia & New Zealand training new licensees and guiding experienced ones for high risk and high profile jobs. Tim has also travelled overseas numerous times to Nuflow’s international head office in the states and to international trade expos to keep an eye out for new products that may be of use to Nuflow's licensees and customers.

Our System

Nuflow Devonport uses the Nuflow relining system which is CIPP (cure in place pipe) system that is installed by the pull in place method. We make our liner out of a needle woven polyester fabric, which is customized at the Nuflow manufacturing facilities on the Gold Coast. We can produce any required length, thickness, or diameter ranging from 40mm to 1000mm.

We impregnate our liner with a highly specialized (patent pending) two part Epoxy. It is the liner which adds the strength, and the resin which is required for other factors such as chemical resistance. We then take a bladder, which can be made to any size or length, and we insert this through the impregnated liner. This entire package is then pulled into a pre-arranged position in the pipe using our CCTV equipment. The bladder is then inflated to a predetermined pressure and left for the resin to set.

With Nuflow’s specialist formulations we are able to reline any type of pipe including (but not limited to) Earthenware, PVC, Concrete, HDPE, Steel, Galvanised, Cast, Copper, Stainless, Ductile Iron, Blue Brute, and Asbestos. After setting, the internal bladder is removed leaving a pipe that is better than new in most ways.

"I have found Nuflow to be thorough and determined in sorting out issues right through to a successful conclusion. We would happily recommend them to anyone."

- Claude Pelosi | Portfolio Engineering Manager | CB Richard Ellis

Our Products

All of our pipe relining products are Australian made by Nuflow at our head office and are done so in accordance Australian standards. We employ local engineers and chemists to research and design our products. We have a full time manufacturing team that has a huge emphasis on quality and assurance.

We have received our AS/NZ 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems. We have since had several independent audits of which all have passed with flying colours.