Pipe Relining

The Nuflow pipe relining process of ‘Cured In Place Pipe’ (CIPP) is the most versatile pipe relining system throughout Australasia.

The liner that goes into the broken pipe is an epoxy resin reinforced pipe reliner that is completely structural with, or without a host pipe. It completely bonds to the host pipe or can span a void between two pipes, with no chance of the root system re-entering the pipeline. Nuflow Devonport can reline an entire pipe line, part of a pipe line and stop and start anywhere within the line.

Pipe Relining is not only limited to drainage lines but can also be customized to suit potable (drinking) water pipes, swimming pool pump lines, electrical conduits as well as many other applications.

Our pipe relining system has saved thousands of customers millions of dollars and been proven to be effective in endless kilometres of pipes that have been repaired with our pipe relining system.

We feel so strongly about the quality of our Australian made product, that we guarantee the work for 40 years.

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